Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stampede of sightseers on the 'New York', Southampton 1912

An extract of Fr Browne's account of the near collision that the Titanic had minutes after leaving Southampton:
'Scarce four hundred yards down the jetties were moored two other great Liners. The 'Oceanic' and the 'New York'. The 'New York' being on the outside was thronged with sightseers eager to cheer the great ship on her maiden trip. We on the 'Titanic' crowded the sides to return their salutes. Suddenly there was a crack, a stampede of sightseers on the 'New York' four more cracks like pistol shots in quick succession and the great 10,000 ton liner, her steel cables having snapped like thread, drifted from her moorings, drawn out into the Fairway by the wash of the 'Titanic'.'

Panic stricken sightseers on the deck of New York dash to safety
during the near collision of the 'New York' with the 'Titanic'.

Painting of American Line's New York

The Oceanic

Detail of the bow carving of New York
The American Line signature black and white funnels. These were similar to the ones on New York.

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