Thursday, 22 September 2011

Titanic & Professional Penmen

'Time and again these ships have been described by professional penmen, each one endeavouring to surpass his predecessors in the wealth and number of adjectives employed [...] On Boat Deck (about 78 feet above the water or a little more than the height of Belvedere House) were situated the Gymnasium and officers' quarters and Bridge'

- Frank Browne,  The Belvederian.

His description is a lot lengthier than the above, so to do it justice I am making a chart of the various aspects of this description.  Feast your eyes on both a quickly jotted down thumbnail and illustrations directly relating to the description above. He chose Belvedere House in the description because he was addressing both past and present pupils of this Jesuit school, where he was also schooled.

Fr E. E. O'Donnell commented that he received a higher grade in English to that of his class mate James Joyce! A professional penman he certainly was!

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